What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?
What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? We all received that question when we were kids.   What was your answer?   Do you remember? Perhaps you wanted to be an athlete, a fireman, or our nation’s President before eventually settling into your current career, likely something far different...
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Fast, Easy Money – Finally!!
Fast, Easy Money – Finally!! One of the most discussed topics in the world of business ownership is financing. Where is the money, who has it and how can I get some to start my business? Loans often take considerable time, lots of paperwork and you have to collateralize your home or place your...
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What is the Meaning of the 4th of July?
What is the Meaning of the 4th of July? With the passing of another 4th of July celebration, I was reminded of the ‘real’ meaning of Independence Day. As well as being birthday of our great country, it is also a day to celebrate the concept of independence. Over the past week I interview...
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What is Risk?
What is Risk? Risk is such an interesting topic. There are hundreds of books written on the topic and mathematicians have spent many lifetimes studying how to quantify, measure and calculate risk. The entire body of statistics is dedicated to this ‘science’. Yet after all these years we ...
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Arnold Palmer – More than Golf
Arnold Palmer – More than Golf A few days ago I watched a TV show on Arnold Palmer. He was quite a man. As we all know, Arnold Palmer has earned the moniker ‘The King’ in golf circles. He has a soft spoken way that is both endearing and powerful. However, what Arnold and Winnie&hel...
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Lindon’s Question
Lindon’s Question A couple of weeks ago I was flying home from a meeting and I had the pleasure to sit next to a very thoughtful gentleman named Lindon. Lindon is a professor, public speaker and author. As you imagine, our conversation covered many topics and was interesting at many levels; ho...
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A Few Thoughts Regarding Sept 11th
A Few Thoughts Regarding 9/11 The events of 9/11 are seared in our collective consciousness. We all remember exactly where we were when the planes hit the twin towers. I was in Sarasota and remember watching George Bush being rushed across the tarmac to Air Force One. We then watched Air Force One t...
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A Seasoned Business Man
A Seasoned Business Man I recently had the pleasure to work with a seasoned Brazilian businessman who wanted to return to the United States to live. Relocating a family to a new country and preparing yourself for success when you arrive is certainly a full time job and it was a pleasure to watch a&h...
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Personal Evolution
Personal Evolution How do you get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ both personally and professionally? There are a number of books on this subject. There are motivational speakers, there are audio files you can listen to in your car and there college courses on the subject. But wh...
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Updated Stats on Franchising
Updated Stats on Franchising Big news this month comes out of the International Franchise Association annual meeting in New Orleans. Attendance was near record setting levels with over 3500 franchise professionals learning from each other. The 2014 Franchise Business Economic Outlook Report was also...
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