Updated Stats on Franchising

Big news this month comes out of the International Franchise Association annual meeting in New Orleans. Attendance was near record setting levels with over 3500 franchise professionals learning from each other. The 2014 Franchise Business Economic Outlook Report was also released and the data continues to show strong growth of franchising –

2013 Actual2014 Projected
Establishment (% Change)+1.4%+1.7%
Output (% Change)+4.3%+4.7%
Employment (% Change)+2.3%+2.3%
GDP (% Change)+4.1%+4.5%


Another interesting graph is growth by category

The final graph is the Franchise Business Index which provides a general of the overall economic health of the franchising Sector. As you can see, the trend is consistently positive.

Overall, the franchising sector continues to expand in a predictable and consistent way.

If you have any questions regarding these graphs, please let me know. I will be uploading them into the downloads section of the www.educatedfranchisee.com for you to review.