Step 2 – Target Franchisors

The first step assists us in determining the characteristics of the perfect franchise. The second step focuses on identifying franchise systems that could potentially allow you to achieve your objectives. There are literally thousands of franchise companies in the United States today so narrowing down the field to a few, well screened ideas, is critical. Simply put, you don’t have the time to properly investigate hundreds of franchises. At A Franchise Coach, we have already done a large amount of the research for you. We know which franchisors are growing and which are not. We know which have happy franchisees and proven systems and which do not. Through our affiliate relationships, we have investigated thousands of franchise systems and know which are worth your effort to investigate.

So what exactly do we do in step two? We identify multiple franchise companies that are worthy of your time. All the franchises that we introduce to you will have the following characteristics.

  1. The Franchisor will have proven measurable operating systems. Some systems have been around longer than others but we always focus on companies where you can prove out the success of the model.
  2. The Franchisor will have happy franchisees. Of course nobody is happy all the time but, on average, the franchisor that we introduce to you must have a positive, supportive franchisee community
  3. The Franchisor will have territorial availability. The internet will not tell you if the company is open in an area. The only way to figure this out is to contact the franchisor and ask them. We will do this before introducing the company to you.
  4. The Franchisor opportunity must meet your criteria as outlined in your Model letter (created in Step One). In other words, you must be a fit to each company
  5. You must fit the franchisor’s criteria. Every proven franchise system has an internal list of characteristics that their most successful franchisees. You must fit the franchisor’s criteria.

Our goal is to find franchise systems that are a fit to you in every way so that you can begin your research focused on quality, viable opportunities.


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