The Amazing Martha Matilda Harper

The Amazing Martha Matilda Harper

Have you wondered about the history of franchising and who were the early players?

Well, two weeks ago we had a wonderful opportunity to listen to Jane Plitt, an expert in the history of Martha Matilda Harper, the founder of Harpers Beauty Salon and the first practitioner of modern ‘business format franchising’  Ms. Plitt is also the author of Martha Matilda Harper and The American Dream.

Although the podcast was well attended, there were others who wanted to attend but couldn’t. As a result, I am sharing the link and you can listen to the recorded call as time permits.  Click Here  Listen to the podcast and be inspired by the incredible journey that is the life of Martha Matilda Harper.

Next PodCast on February 20th at 6PM will be with Geoff Seiber – the founder of Fundfund. We will be focusing on the very practical issues surrounding franchise financing. We will be discussing the 2008-09 time period, current state of franchise and we will explore where franchise financing is going in the future. If you have questions regarding financing, this will be your opportunity to ask.  To join the Podcast live, please use this link at 6PM ET on Feb 20th. Click Here

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