Is Franchising Right For You? Take The Survey

Over the past two decades we have seen hundreds of surveys focused on your potential for success in the world of franchising. They are built by psychologists and they are supposed to provide a crystal ball into your future. You are ‘Blue’, therefore you should be and Engineer. Are you kidding? Sorry to break it to you but humans are not that simple to categorize. Look at some of the career tests you took 20 years ago and you will find no relationship between your ‘predicted future’ and what actually happened.

So, how do we figure out whether or not a given course of action is right for us? Isn’t there a way to evaluate whether a ‘fit’ exists? The answer is ‘Yes’, but it will not be a black and white result. The answer is more complicated. It will include indicators and directional information but no crystal ball. In the end, it is up to you to create your future.

This survey is designed to provide feedback on whether franchising ‘could’ be a fit to you. The way it works is simple. You complete the questions to the best of your ability. We will review the information you provided and then schedule a time to go through it with you. We will let you know if the information you provided indicates a potential match or potential challenges.

That’s it. If you think this type of conversation could be useful, just complete the survey below. We will contact you and go from there. Your privacy is important to us and we promise not share your answers or information with anyone else but you. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

    About You

    Please give us some insight about you

    As an employee, are you able to lead your team while also following the employer's goals and vision?:

    When faced with a challenge, do you tend to ask for advice or do you like to jump in are figure it out by yourself?
    Ask for adviceJump right inStop and think for a while

    Do you like to create new ideas or are you more focused on execution?
    Create new ideasExecution and results focused

    Why are you interested in exploring franchising?
    Looking for a well known brand nameFocused on proven systemsRisk reductionOther

    Can you be a team player or do you prefer to do things on your own?
    Can be a team playerHave to do things my own way

    How strong are your sales skills?
    Better than mostAbout averageWeaker than averageNo experience

    How strong are your leadership skills?
    Better than mostAbout averageWeaker than averageNo experience

    How would describe your work ethic?
    Stronger than most peopleAbout averageI am about efficiency. Less work in the objective

    Are you interested in finding the right match to your skills and abilities or do you have your mind set on one franchise?
    Skill set matchThere is one franchise that I personally ‘connect’ withOther

    Do you tend to stop and think before jumping in or do you believe in the Nike slogan – ‘Just Do it’
    Think firstJust Do It

    Do you prefer ‘compromise’ or are you focused on ‘winning’?
    Compromise if it moves me toward my goalDefinitely prefer to win

    Do you have the support of your family, spouse or partner?

    Do you know what your monthly cost of living is?

    Do you have the financial resources to cover your personal living cost during the ‘start up’ phase (normally 6 to 12 months)

    How much cash are you willing to invest in a business?
    Less than $100,0000$100,000 - $250,000$250,000 - $500,000Over $500,000

    Please provide a little information on your background:

    Please share any specific questions you might wish to discuss:

    Have You Ever Spoken With A Franchise Coach, Broker or Consultant?

    Have you read The Educated Franchisee?
    I am Rick Bisio, a Franchise Coach and I am passionate about helping people transform their lives while making a positive impact in their local communities. My personal guarantee is to always exceed your expectations by helping you make an educated decision about business ownership. As mentioned above, each survey is personally reviewed and you will be contacted to discuss the results. Our goal is to get back to everyone within 24 business hours in order to schedule a time to speak.

    About you

    Tell us about yourself

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