Arnold Palmer – More than Golf

Arnold Palmer – More than Golf

A few days ago I watched a TV show on Arnold Palmer. He was quite a man. As we all know, Arnold Palmer has earned the moniker ‘The King’ in golf circles. He has a soft spoken way that is both endearing and powerful. However, what Arnold and Winnie Palmer have accomplished outside of golf is just as impressive. Achievements include – Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, Arnold Palmer Prostrate Center, Arnies Army Battles Prostrate Cancer, AP Pavilion and the Winnie Palmer Nature Preserve.

Why am I mentioning this? I mention it because great things are demanded of great people. If you have built a successful business, brand or image; if you have received the financial rewards that go hand in hand with successful risk taking; then I would argue it is time for you to figure out how to positively impact those around you. You obviously have the ability to be extraordinary. Do something with your success. Make a difference.

I will end with a letter that Arnold Palmer wrote to a young man. His advice is powerful –

1)      Courtesy and respect are timeless principles, as well as good manners.

2)      Knowing when to speak is just as important as knowing what to say.

3)      Know how to win by following the rules.

4)      Know the importance of when and how to say ‘Thank You’

5)      Never underestimate the power of a good education.

Most people think of Arnold Palmer as a golfer.  The fact is Arnold and Winnie used golf as a launching point to achieve true greatness.

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