Franchisor Testimonials

 Over the past several decades, we have been fortunate to work with many franchise organization and we are proud to share their thoughts on the value of our service and the preparedness of the candidates we bring to them.



“Rick Bisio is one of the most ethical, talented consultants in the United States. Rick provides the perfect mix of helping candidates navigate the logical, but also the emotional process of making the best decision. Rick has perfected the science and the art of consulting. We are honored to have his support in growing our brand with the very best candidates.” 

Britt Schroeter, Vice President of Development
Synergy HomeCare

“Rick’s approach to franchising is one that revolves around making the world a better place, through finding the right franchise opportunities for folks that want to be in business for themselves, and not by themselves. Through his education to candidates, Rick is able to identify the right opportunities for the people he works with, as he educates them about what they need to know when choosing the right franchise. As a franchisor, his process enables us to bring the right franchisees who understand what it takes to win with our brand. The more knowledgeable the candidates are about franchising, the better fit they will be for their brand of choice and the more successful franchisees they will be as they will understand what it takes to make it happen”

Amit Y. Kleinberger, CEO

“Like lights on a Christmas tree; the franchisees Rick Bisio has placed with us tend to shine the brightest within our systems.  I credit the countless hours Rick invests researching the intricacies of each franchise model he recommends; as well as the strong learning-based format that he delivers through his book: The Educated Franchisee.  Franchise candidates that can prove they are committed to following a systematic approach like Rick’s, typically make for great franchisees of ours.  Rick knows that the key is ensuring there is a mutual fit between franchise candidate and franchisor.  His insight and experience, coupled with his suite of interactive tools, are second to none when it comes to helping interested parties come to that determination.”

Jonathan Thiessen, V.P. of Franchise Licensing
Home Franchise Concepts, Inc.
Home of Budget Blinds and Tailored Living

“Rick is a top consultant in our industry. We enjoy working with his clients because they are well educated, ask good questions and understand the importance of following a process to evaluate franchise opportunities.”
“Over the years I have found that some of Rick’s clients are our most successful franchisees because they are well educated and come into our system with their eyes wide open and understand the levers of success they need to push to drive their business forward.”
“Rick does a great job matching his candidates background, skill set, and interest level with our franchise, he is a pleasure to work with….the consummate pro!”
“In a word…simply the best!”

Kurt Landwehr, Vice President Franchise Development
Regis Corporation

“After 10 years in franchise consulting and franchise development there is not a single consultant I have come to respect as much as you.”
“That’s not to disparage many others I have known and worked with, however, your knowledge and demeanor that you express to your candidates is exceptional.”
“Along with your guidance is your credibility, based on your written tutorials within your published works known as “The Educated Franchise” suite of resources.”

Tom King, Franchise Development Director
Right At Home

“Rick Bisio is a pro. If you have any desire to own a business, he possesses all the critical skill sets to the benefit of both the candidates he serves and the Franchises he works with: education, knowledge. professionalism, transparency, dedication, understanding, perspective, and so much more. I would refer any family member or friend to Rick who is interested in Business ownership. The experience is well worth the journey!”

Mike Magid, Vice President – Franchise Development
Griswold Home Care

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Rick Bisio for the last 10 years.  Not only have I found Rick to be a person of very high moral and ethical standards, but also a man with the greatest degree of professionalism.  Rick is a driven entrepreneur with amazing creativity and passion for business.  Rick has made it a mission to help individuals truly find that perfect business.  I welcome any opportunity to work with Rick in helping him in this endeavor.
Warmest regards,

Tim Evankovich, President
The Cleaning Authority

“Making the decision to become a business owner is a major decision for anyone considering the purchase of a franchise. When Rick Bisio introduces potential franchise owners to our company, we know he has worked diligently to determine if we are the right “fit” for that candidate and they are the right “fit” for us. His dedication to really educating candidates to franchising is instrumental in helping them to make an informed decision. We trust Rick’s high standard of excellence when introducing our brand.”

Rosemarie Hartnett, President, CFE

“Rick Bisio is an outstanding franchise selection consultant. His knowledge of the franchising industry, in depth understanding of the franchises businesses he represents, and natural ability to guide his clients through the selection process makes him the best in the industry. Whenever friends or family members are interested in buying a franchise, I always send them to Rick.”

P. Allan Young Jr., CEO
ShelfGenie Franchise Systems, LLC

“Rick has developed a process that allows potential franchise owners to understand the type of business that is best suited for them. Rick has been matching candidates with franchise organizations that I have been involved with for over 14 years. He consistently provides individuals that not only succeed in their franchise organizations but excel to the top. Rick has always received my vote as one of the top franchise consultants in the industry.”

Ken Boyce, Vice President Franchise Development
My Salon Suites

“Rick’s process of evaluating candidates and his ability to “read between the lines” as he learns more about his candidates give him an uncanny ability to make the uncomfortable process of changing career paths from corporate America to self-employment a comfortable one. Rick’s candidates that I have worked with have always been thoroughly prepared to logically and swiftly evaluate the business model.”

Mike Pollack, Senior Brand Manager
ATC Healthcare

“Having been in franchising for over 20 years, there is no better way to find the right franchise than through a knowledgeable, experienced franchise consultant. You can rest assure that Rick will guide you down the right path and help you make the educated choices………. You can’t be in better hands!”

Randy Loeb, V.P. Franchise Development
ARCpoint Labs

“Simply put, we have never worked with a more conscientious, engaged, and experienced franchise professional than Rick Bisio. He has always sought out the best business for his candidate, who come to me knowledgeable, thoughtful and well-prepared due to his system of educating them as they investigate a franchise. It makes all the difference in the world.”

Mark Kovach, Vice President of Franchise Development
Sola Salon Studios

“It is my pleasure to recommend Rick Bisio. I have had the pleasure of working with Rick and the company I represent, Elements Massage. Rick is an extremely valuable partner for our brand and the work that he has contributed over time has created multiple success stories.”
“Rick is a positive person and his eagerness to work diligently through the process of identifying candidates and taking them directly through the education process should be a model for others. Time after time, he’s been successful in directing qualified candidates into our franchise business model.”

Kris Neib, Development
Elements Massage

“I have always found Rick to be the ultimate professional franchise consultant. His process of identifying the key needs and wants of his clients and then properly preparing them for the franchise investigation process is exceptional. Working with Rick’s clients has certainly resulted in a number of high quality placements in the firms that I have represented but equally impressive is how well coached the candidates are as they work through the awarding process. When Rick refers a candidate, I know what to expect and that the bar has been set high.”

Phil LeBlanc, Vice President of Franchise Development
ComForcare Senior Services

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rick Bisio for several years, Rick is an exceptional Franchise Consultant to work with due to his intuitive instinct and true gift that he has of reading others. I find that Rick not only is able to pick up on strengths and opportunities that each individual may possess; but also actually cares about the people that he works with. Rick is able to provide individuals with a true detailed process of finding an opportunity that fits the profile that matches up with individual seeking opportunity in the Franchise Arena. His methods of coaching and follow up are unparalleled in the Franchise Community. I always enjoy working with candidates that Rick presents to Electronic Restoration Services.”

Steve Lajiness, Vice President of Franchise Development
Electronic Restoration Services

“It is always a pleasure to work with you and your clientele. You have successfully placed new Speedpro franchisee’s around the country who have become successful in our franchise model. We attribute this success rate to you professional approach you take with each individual and the time you take to educate them not only on our model, but on franchising in general and business ownership. This is an important step that these people need when making the transition from previous employment to owning their own business. Thanks for all you do.”

Steve Phelps, Vice President of Business Management and Development
SpeedPro Imaging

“My relationship with Rick has spanned 10 years. I have been in various positions in franchising for 20 + years and have worked with a number of franchise consultants. Rick’s real strength is in his ability to effectively match his candidates with franchise businesses that draw from their skill sets, the business characteristics that are important to them and where their overall experience will help improve their probability of success. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone considering a franchise.”

Tom Raymond, Franchise Development Manager
Mr. Handyman

“I have known Rick for many years mostly from a professional standpoint. As one of the leaders in the consulting field, it was no surprise to me when he wrote a very successful and informative book, “The Educated Franchisee”. I believe I was one of the first consultants to read his book and offer a positive opinion on its contents. I found it a practice to encourage my candidates to read the book as I felt it would help prepare them for a major decision in their life, namely, whether to purchase a franchise and which one to buy.”
“For the past five and a half years, I have been the VP of franchise development for Menchie’s of Encino, CA. We are the world’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt concept. Rick has helped us build our brand with wonderfully educated candidates who have benefitted from his expertise and his well-written book about the franchise journey.”
“To one and all, I highly recommend his book and his services. You are in good hands!”

Brian Melany, Vice President of Franchise Development
Menchies Frozen Yogurt

Rick Bisio is a true professional.  Having worked with him for many years with multiple nationally recognized brands, I have come to know how educated and prepared his clients are about their options and franchising in general.  Anyone looking to find the right franchise brand for themselves should consider talking to Rick!

Jason Barclay, CFE,  Vice President of Franchise Development
Lawn Doctor

“Rick Bisio and I have only worked together for a short time, but his professionalism and diligence promise a long relationship. Rick is very communicative and always quick to reply to calls or email. He truly does his ‘homework’ on his candidates to be absolutely sure that they are the right match. Positivity, leadership, and supportive all immediately describe Rick Bisio. He is a great team player and I look forward to creating many deals together in the near to immediate future. Thank you Rick!”

Chelsie Charnet,  Director of Franchise Development
APG Corp.

“As a former Corporate VP, who eventually became a franchisee, my process would have taken much less time and been much more efficient if I had someone with Rick Bisio’s expertise to guide me. Moving into Franchise Development for another system, I learned something useful, and continue to learn, from every conversation with Rick. Rick has always sent us top franchisee candidates. These individuals are focused and prepared. Just placed a great one in a very large market area. Anyone who is considering a franchise business should read The Educated Franchisee and use the Franchise workbook.  If you are working directly with Rick Bisio, you are working with the best.”

Michael Kleimeyer, Director of Development
Pop-A-Lock / System Forward



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