10 Big Ideas from Mark Cuban

As the holidays approach, I thought I would share an interview by Tai Lopez.  His newsletter and video interview with Mark Cuban will widen the way you think and, maybe, provide you with a fresh idea or two as you look toward 2021.  Happy Holidays.


[By Tia Lopez] Back when I had a home in Beverly Hills, billionaire Mark Cuban came over to visit. You may have seen him on Shark Tank or know that he’s the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.
He stayed for 4 hours. Obviously, we covered a lot in that time. Because you’re on my email list, I want to share 10 of the biggest takeaways with you.

  1. Books — If you’re not curious, you’re falling behind. You have to read and learn. Read as much as you can.
  2. Effort — It’s the one thing in life you have control of. There’s always going to be someone else working a little harder, which can be a motivation.
  3. Business — Find something you love to do, be great at it, and sell it. Sales cures all. There’s never been a business that hasn’t succeeded without sales. Know more about business than anyone else in the world.
  4. Timing — The best time to start a business is when you don’t have anything. Because this is when you have nothing to lose. There’s no downside.
  5. Pitching — The best business pitch Mark heard on Shark Tank was Simple Sugars. Watch it here.
  6. Destiny — The type of person you are points to the things you’re good at. When you find something you’re better at than most, go for it. But don’t be afraid to experiment, because sometimes you don’t know yet.
  7. Passion — Don’t follow your passion, follow your efforts. Curiosity will drive you, especially if you’re young.
  8. Failure — No one counts your mistakes. You just have to be right one time to start living large.
  9. Investing — First things first, pay off your credit cards. Next, save up 6 months worth of income for a rainy day. Finally, be a smart shopper. Mark buys a year of supplies, like toothpaste and razor blades, in advance to take advantage of the bulk discount.
  10. Motivation — When Mark was broke, he would drive past the luxury houses and wonder, “What do I need to do to live in a house like this?”

These are just some of the many things we talked about.
To watch the full video –Mark Cuban Interview

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