Positive Energy – A Finite Resource

Earlier this month, I had a coaching call with a franchised business owner whom I had worked with many years ago. We delved into the importance of maintaining a robust mental mindset, sparking a recollection of a story from the early days of my career as a franchise coach.

Over two decades ago, at the onset of my journey as a franchise coach, I had a trainer whose name, regrettably, escapes me. Despite her brief tenure, she left an indelible mark through a conversation that still resonates with me today.

The Question

After a couple of months in the business, she asked about the number of people I was working with. I provided a figure. Then came a probing question, “How many of those people were genuinely committed? How many are real?” I chuckled, took a moment to reflect, and conceded that probably only half were truly serious. Surprisingly, she inquired about why I continued working with those who weren’t serious. I explained, “being a new franchise coach, I need the experience. I am confident that I will navigate the learning curve faster with these additional interactions.”

A New Approach

It was at this juncture that she imparted something invaluable, a piece of advice that has guided me for over two decades. She said, “Rick, every morning you wake up with a finite amount of positive energy. It’s not unlimited; it’s a precious resource that you spend throughout the day. If your initial interactions in the morning are with individuals who aren’t serious and only drain your positive energy, you won’t have the energy needed for those who truly deserve your time. My suggestion is to part ways with those who are not serious or exist solely to deplete your positive energy. It’s a precious, finite resource—spend it wisely. Your business will flourish, and you’ll find yourself happier and more energized at the day’s end.”

In essence, life is too short to waste time on individuals lacking work ethic, focus, or respect for your time. Allow these individuals to find happiness elsewhere and dedicate yourself to those where you can genuinely make a difference.

More than 20 years have passed since she shared this advice, and I continue to apply it to this day.


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