The Wisdom of Mayor Suarez – City of Miami.

The Wisdom of Mayor Suarez – City of Miami.

Last week I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Mayor of Miami – Francis Suarez.  At 41 years old, Mayor Suarez is one of the youngest Mayors in Florida.  In addition, he is the first Miami born Mayor of Miami and won with 86% of the popular vote!

Over the course of 45 minutes he shared some of his secrets to success.  Here are 10 pieces of advice Mayor Suarez shared.  I think you will find this list powerful for anyone who seeks success in business and in life.

1)   Do Less – Better.  You don’t have to be great at everything. Focus is critical.

2)   Leadership is About Credibility.  Be honest with folks.  Even if they don’t like the message, they will (eventually) respect you for your honesty.

3)   Be Your Best.  We are not always at our best.  It is important to know how to be our best when the situation requires it.

4)   Be Resilient – Things don’t always go well.  You need a strong backbone to handle the twists and turns that life throws at you.

5)   Choose long-term significance over short-term satisfaction.  Taking the job that pays more is not always the right decision.

6)   Prepare for everything.  Preparation greatly increases your potential for success.

7)   Change is difficult.  You need the courage to embrace the future and be able to make tough decisions.

8)   Success is hard work.  It is not always pretty and it is not always easy but with a strong work ethic you greatly increase your chance of success.

9)   Remember to make people feel special.  Treat everyone with kindness and respect.  One day your employee may become your boss.

10)   Great employees don’t just happen.  Your job as a leader is to identify, motive and build great employees.

Occasionally you meet someone who separates themselves from the pack – someone we can all learn from.  Mayor Suarez is one of those people.  See if you can incorporate one or two of his thoughts into your life this month.

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