“I had already been researching both franchise and start-up opportunities for several months when I started working with Rick after reading his book “The Educated Franchisee”. His help, guidance, and support were critical in the process leading to my purchasing my new franchise. It was not an easy scenario – for personal reasons, I had very firm geographic boundaries in a relatively rural part of the country, and to make things even more challenging, I was recovering from a disabling injury. Even though I had read his book and was using the strategies outlined therein, working with Rick in the “discovery” phase was extremely enlightening. His input prompted me to re-examine some of my thoughts and assumptions, and his evaluation of my personality and style was invaluable. He came back with several business ideas, including one that I initially thought “no way, not ever, doesn’t fit”. But Rick said encouraged me to look into it. Much to my surprise, after thoroughly investigating everything, much to my surprise that was the business model that was head and shoulders above the 30 or so I looked at in total, with a franchise “style” that is very well suited to my personality. Due to my medical situation, the process probably took much longer than is typical (almost 10 months) – during that time, I felt that we became friends, even though we have never met in person, and he was extremely supportive with some of the personal challenges I was going through during my recovery. To sum up, I will be forever happy and grateful that I decided, almost on a whim, to fill out the franchisee consultant form that led to Rick and I working together – I would not be where I am today without it!
Lee – Colorado

“Rick was a consummate professional that truly understood both the complexity of the match making process he was engaged in with me and several franchises and my needs and wants for the franchise.  He took the time necessary to understand what I needed and spent the extra time during the process to keep his understanding and thoughts accurate.   I also was comforted that he was working in the background for me, insuring I had a good experience across the companies he presented.  I would recommend Rick whenever asked for a Franchise consultant.”
Dan – California

“Rick is a straight shooter who is concerned with the best interests of all the players involved. He is responsive, reliable and thorough. He provides outstanding support in the form of tools, tips personal advice to make the discovery process easier. I feel fortunate to have him as my guide to choosing a franchise!”
Laurie – Florida

“Rick has been a great guide, advisor, and friend. He has developed a great system, network, and the expertise which gave my son and I the ability to do our due diligence and confidently select a franchise which is perfect for us to build a family business. He continues to be a superior advisor, and is genuinely invested in our success. If Rick can’t answer your question, he has an expert in his network who can. I am very pleased to give Rick and The Educated Franchisee suite of resources my highest recommendation.”
Steve – Florida

“Rick has provided me with thorough details regarding the world of franchising. He is always prompt with our scheduled meetings and he is well prepared. He has great insights that help breakdown the many components of how to evaluate a franchise business. He’s been a super resource and someone that I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of evaluating franchise ownership.”
John – Pennsylvania

“Thank you Rick! You are hands-down one of the top resources for anyone interested in looking at franchising as a business opportunity. You wrote the book on the subject … literally. Your books The Educated Franchisee and the associated The Franchisee Workbook really helped us understand the franchise business model and are excellent resources for anyone looking at franchise opportunities. You were always a true pleasure to deal with and are undeniably one of the best franchise consultants out there. Knowledgeable and well respected by everyone in the business we spoke with, you were able to guide us through every step of the process, starting with the big hurdle of identifying appropriate franchise opportunities. You were never pushy, but were always organized, helpful and a super coach. We would recommend (and have recommended) you to anyone interested in exploring the world of franchising; they couldn’t have a better guide than you.”
Constantine & Carolyn – New Jersey

“I started this process after reading your book on franchising and realized how much I needed to learn. Firstly the process is motivating and fun. Although I have been in business for over twenty years, I had never explored franchising. I learned innumerable things during this process. Most of all it gave me the tools to evaluate business models and see if they fit my future goals. Rick’s process is laser focused to educate you to make smart decisions. Through this process I have also been able to improve the productivity of my current business. I would consider Rick’s program a must for anyone considering franchising.”
“Thanks Rick for being a great mentor! I look forward to sharing our future franchise successes with you.”
Art – Illinois

Our journey to business ownership started over a year ago when I checked out a book at the library (yes, people still do that) entitled The Educated Franchisee, by Rick Bisio. My husband and I were looking to do something for ourselves, but didn’t know what type of business to pursue. We felt franchising was the way to go considering it offers a proven business model. We then connected with Rick and went on from there.
Every step of the way, Rick was professional and really took the time to get to know us in an attempt to find out the best fit for us. He made sure we understood every step of the discovery process. After hours of in depth conversations, Rick presented us with three (3) businesses and provided us with step-by-step assistance on the due diligence process with each company.
I’m pleased to say we are now proud business owners and feel we would not be in this position right now without Rick’s support and guidance. This experience has been invaluable to us and we are thrilled with the results!
Caryn & Bob – Pensylvannia

“Just a note to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with you. The VP of Franchise Development for one of the companies you introduced me to said that you were recognized as the best in your field and I have no doubt that it is true.  Your expertise not only in franchising but also in the process to determine the types of franchises that would be a good fit for me has been a tremendous asset to my search.”
“Your professionalism and thoroughness are also equally appreciated.  Happy to be a reference for anyone considering your services.
Here is to much success going forward”.
Fred – Maine

“I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom on franchise ownership. After 30+ years of working in corporate America — I felt that I had no other choice but to continue down that path; however, after attending your workshop I have never been so inspired and excited about the possibilities of franchising.”

“Thanks so much for meeting with my wife and I personally. Your assessment of our two different personalities was right on target. I enjoyed how you streamlined the “franchise battle” for us with your great book and all your patience. We truly are two tough personalities to deal with, but you nailed us in your coaching and counseling. You never gave us the answer to the franchise quiz, but you gave us all the insight to make an informed decision.”
“Rick, YOU ARE THE BEST! And we are blessed to have met you.”
Charles & Alice – Florida

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