7 Benefits of Mistake Driven Learning
7 Benefits of Mistake Driven Learning We all make mistakes; it is an inevitable part of being human. However, it is what we do with the experience we collect from those mistakes that makes a world of difference. As entrepreneurs and leaders, we know how critical it is to allow for failure as a criti...
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Like It Or Not, You Are A Business Owner
Like It Or Not, You Are A Business Owner A few years back I had the distinct honor to hear Tom Shay, CEO of Right Management, Florida/Caribbean speak on the topic of job transition and career management.  What an interesting discussion.  Over the course of many decades Mr. Shay has seen exceptiona...
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The Most Important Gift
The Most Important Gift Most of you know that I feel strongly about setting a positive, independent example for our children.  This month, in an attempt to get our mind off the Corona Virus, I would like to discuss why. A little history.  Growing up I had a father who owned his own business.  At&...
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Changing Times: 5 Tips to Adapting
Changing Times: 5 Tips to Adapting Now more than ever before leaders all over the world are facing change and complexity — the outbreak of corona virus (COVID-19) has presented us all with new challenges, new circumstances, and new uncertainties. Because change is constant and inevitable, leaders ...
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What Can Bob Teach Us?
What Can Bob Teach Us? I while back I received an email from an international reader whom we will call 'Bob'.  I had never spoken with Bob; however, he was very comfortable letting me know that he is very upset with his franchisor.  In Bob's email he stated that the franchisors 'system is no good'...
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General Kelly and President Trump
General Kelly and President Trump Several weeks ago I had the privilege to hear General John Kelly speak.  As you know, General Kelly has served under multiple Presidents and, most recently, was Chief of Staff under President Trump.  The presentation was fascinating; however, the most interesting ...
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4 Thoughts From My Coach
4 Thoughts From My Coach As you know, I place a great deal of importance on having an exceptional team of advisers around me.  In order to be a great business person (or a great person) you need great advisers.  This could be an accountant, lawyer or coach.  It could also be parent or pastor. &h...
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The Power of 'No'
The Power of 'No' Welcome to 2020.  A new decade brings excitement and refreshed energy.  We set goals, create bucket lists and establish vision statements; however, despite best efforts, most people will never achieve the goals they have outlined.  Why?  Because of their reluctance to use the w...
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3 Things Everyone Wants
3 Things Everyone Wants Over the past 20 years I have had the honor of working with 1000’s of people.  Some of those people ended up becoming business owners, others did not.  Regardless, everyone wants a similar basket of goods. Time - Everyone wants control over their time.  They want to be a...
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Veteran's Day Doesn't Just Happen Once A Year
Veteran's Day Doesn't Just Happen Once A Year With Veterans Day just past, I wanted to share a recent article on the power of veterans in the world of franchising.  In the world of franchising, Veterans Day doesn't just happen once a year, it is an every day thing.   Click here to read article...
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