The Story of Sam
The Story of Sam I have recently been given the opportunity to work with a remarkable individual – Let’s call him Sam. Sam grew up as the 10th child in a large family. His father was a small dry land farmer in southern India. They were so poor that they did not have enough food…...
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Stop Wasting Time
Stop Wasting Time The Most precious asset you have is time.  It is not Money.  It is not your house or your car or the gold you have buried in the back yard.  Your most precious asset is the time you have been given.  Make the most of it Click Here to Watch the Video…...
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What is an Entrepreneur?
What is an Entrepreneur? A while back I high profile franchise ‘expert’ blogged that franchise owners are ‘not really entrepreneurs’. Humm….. I have been thinking about that comment and I would have to respectfully disagree. In the large majority of situations, the fran...
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Thinking About Passing Down the Family Business?
Thinking About Passing Down the Family Business? One of the primary advantages that comes with owning a business is the control one has in how it is run.  This includes making decisions such as the hours of operation, who to hire and how much to pay them.  Owners also control what will happen to t...
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What Are You Willing to Do For Freedom?
A few weeks ago a good friend of mine, Erik Van Horn, shared a few thoughts regarding freedom and lifestyle.  I personally found his comments to be both relevant and impactful.   I hope you enjoy them too. ===== People often buy a franchise to escape the corporate world rat race. But it’s E...
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Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional
Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional A few years ago a national magazine asked me to comment on changes we see in today’s marketplace.  Specifically, they asked me to define the word ‘Reinvention’ as it applies to career change. Interestingly, ‘Reinvention’ is a wo...
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9 Everyday Habits of the Average Millionaire
9 Everyday Habits of the Average Millionaire I’ll be honest.  I never dreamed of becoming a millionaire. I didn’t feel like I deserved it. I felt like that was meant for much smarter people than myself. Then I learned the one thing that changed my life.  You don’t have to be smart. ...
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12 Lessons From The End Of The Road
12 Lessons From The End Of The Road There comes a point in life where there is no tomorrow, only yesterdays.  A time where we remember the past knowing there is no future.  Sadly, that is where we are with my friend, Bill. I met Bill Shearon around 15 years ago during my work with…...
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5 Lessons Learned From the Recession
5 Lessons Learned From the Recession The economic impact of 2020 will be felt for a very long time. Businesses have closed en masse, gutting certain industries and leaving millions of Americans without jobs. More than 40 million people — over a quarter of the work force — have filed unemplo...
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Covid-19 And The Next FDD
Covid-19 And The Next FDD Later this year, many franchisors will begin working on next year’s Franchise Disclosure Document, a comprehensive record of information about the organization that is shared with franchise prospects. The FDD contains several hundreds of pages of franchise information, wh...
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