How to Slow Time

A couple months ago my good friend and co-author of The Franchisee Playbook, Britt Schroeter, shared an interesting take on the passage of time.  Britt, and her husband Bill, have been traveling around the United States for a couple years now while Britt works from the RV.  Britt and Bill are living the life that many people only dream of.  This experience has created an interesting insight on the passage of time and why time seems to move faster or slower.

How to Slow Time

By Britt Schroeter

As we age time seems to go faster and faster. Time becomes a thief in the night. You wake up and ask… how did I get here? It’s a fair question. I don’t fear death, but as the Kenny Chesney crones “everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to go now.”

Since my husband and I have started traveling full time, we realize it has slowed time. A week feels like a month. A month feels like a year. Fascinating and something we contemplate. Why is this? We have realized it is monotony that makes days run together and makes time indistinguishable. When you do the same thing day in and day out, your mind can’t distinguish day to day, it blurs time. Like looking out the window of a train barreling through the countryside. Blurred time passes fast.

When you change things up everything slows.

Wake up, travel, learn something new, meet new people, explore, create, take some risks. take the road less traveled.  A franchise may just be the vehicle to shake it up and slow it down?! If yes, you know where to find me.

Variety will slow time. If you can create a life which feels novel, meaningful and entertaining in the present, the weeks and years will feel long in retrospect. Time gives you space to love and grow. Time opens room for peace and gratitude

Take back your time before it is too late.


I wish you a wonderful year filled with new adventures, peace and gratitude.  With a little luck, we will all be able to slow time down a little

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