What Are You Willing to Do For Freedom?

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine, Erik Van Horn, shared a few thoughts regarding freedom and lifestyle.  I personally found his comments to be both relevant and impactful.   I hope you enjoy them too.


People often buy a franchise to escape the corporate world rat race. But it’s EASY to get back into a rat race as a business owner.

Sure, you’re not handcuffed to a desk in a cubicle. But you’re handcuffed to the daily operations of your business.

99% of the time this happens because your team isn’t empowered to help you.

We business owners tend to think we can always do things better ourselves. And that may or may not be true. BUT, asking yourself “Can I do this better than someone on my team?” is the wrong question, and the wrong mindset…

The better question to ask is “What needs to happen so that my team can execute better than I can?”

If you want to get serious about having the lifestyle you want, then you need to find the answers to this question. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the rat race once again.

Here’s the thing you need to prepare yourself for though…

You might need to:

  • Hire a key person that costs a lot of money, and that means you’ll have less free cash flow.
  • Spend extra time on the front end training and empowering that person.
  • Prepare to lose a few customers as you build the right team.

This is not easy.

But, freedom comes at a cost. Anything valuable comes at a cost.

Your business will not give you the freedom/lifestyle you want unless you’re intentional about empowering your team.

– by Erik Van Horn


So how are you doing?  Are you moving toward freedom?  Are you willing to do what is required to secure the lifestyle you want?  Something to think about as we move into that last quarter of the year.

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