The Franchisee Playbook

The Franchisee Playbook

Earlier this month I was working on The Franchisee Playbook and realized that the Preface to the workbook really connects to the 4th of July. It reminds us of a few things that are truly important. Here is a first peak into The Franchisee Playbook.

“The United States is an amazing story of entrepreneurship. The United States was not “founded,” it was “boot-strapped.” And it was not built by the wealthy elite. It was built by brave and hardworking immigrants who believed in a better future. These immigrants started businesses, raised families, and built a country. This pioneering spirit is still alive. It is part of us-all of us.”

As you enjoy the holiday, remember how we got here and say thanks to those who built this country – literally from the ground up.

To learn more about the Franchisee Playbook – Click Here

Finally, for those for you who have been a member of this newsletter community for a while, you know that I do not produce a newsletter in August. We always take an extended vacation and this year is no different. This summer we will visit Europe to reconnect with our family. The children are growing and they are very excited to see their cousins again and exploring new places. I hope you have a vacation planned also.

Have a great 4th of July,

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