The Educated Franchisee 3rd Edition

The Educated Franchisee 3rd Edition

We are proud to announce the publishing of The Educated Franchisee – Third Edition. 

It has been a decade since the best selling The Educated Franchisee was published.  Over the past decade, our suite of online resources have expanded exponentially; however, it all starts with the books content and it was time for an update.  The Educated Franchisee – Third Edition has 60 plus new pages, including multiple new chapters and a complete franchise glossary.   In addition, we partnered with Pytchblack to update the look of the book as well as overhauling the entire The Educated Franchisee branding system overall.

Much has changed in the world of franchising since the book’s inception.   The changes and additions address everything a modern-day franchise prospect faces during their franchise exploration process.   These changes and updates include:

  • Added important new chapters.  New chapters include “The Franchising Value Proposition” and “A Brief History of Franchising”.  These chapters position franchising both historically and in the competitive business landscape.
  • Added a comprehensive franchise glossary.  As a franchise coach I fully understand that the terms we commonly use in the world of franchising are not intuitive to the new reader.  The Glossary helps fill this gap.
  • A complete overhaul of the book’s branding/logo/design.  Completed by PytchBlack, these changes are focused on offering a new, fresh look while staying true to our educational roots                                                   .

I hope you enjoy this Newsletter and, as always, if you have any ideas regarding ways to improve our offering, please feel free to reach out to me at

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