No Regrets

People say – Practice what you Preach.  Well, earlier this month I invested in a franchise.  This is not the first time I have been a franchisee.  Over the years, while continuing with my coaching practice, I have joined several franchise systems so you think the decision process would be easy, but it’s not.  It’s never easy.

At first, it’s all excitement. We do our research and imagine what it could become. We ask the questions, build our spreadsheets, dot our I’s, and cross our T’s.  That’s the easy part, the fun part.

It’s the end of the process that slows us down.  Self-doubt and fear set in.  We begin to question all our assumptions. There are two voices in our head screaming at each other. One voice says ‘We’ve done our research; we know it works and we have the abilities.  Stop being a wimp, put on your big boy pants and let’s make this happen!’  The other voice says ‘Are you out of your mind?  We don’t need this, we’re safe where we are.  No risk is good risk. Don’t walk, run!’

So, how do we decide? Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of people who have faced this challenge.  Each person does it differently.  For me a few things come into play –

  • Self Trust – Do I trust myself?  When I look in the mirror do I like and believe in the person I see? Can I see that person as a successful entrepreneur?
  • Resilience – Does the project excite and energize me and am I ready to deal with the challenges that will inevitably occur?
  • Family – Do I have the support and trust of my wife? Am I setting a good example for my children and the people around me who matter?
  • Work Effort– Am I feeling strong and ready to take on a challenge?  Am I willing to put the energy into building wealth for myself instead of others?
  • Vision – Does the business fit into my personal long-term vision of who I am and where I am going?

However, even if all these are pointing in the right direction, there is still fear and doubt.  That is simply part of being human.  So, how do I make my decision?

For me, there is one last question that must be asked.  This is the question that unlocks my personal ability to make hard decisions and move forward.

‘How would I feel if I didn’t do this?

Life occasionally presents us with the opportunity to move the ball forward.  I decided many years ago to try my best to say ‘Yes’ when opportunities present themselves.  I hate to think back on things and wonder, ‘What if…?’  Personally, avoiding a life of regret is a powerful motivator for me.  Assuming all the above-mentioned criteria are in place, it’s this last, powerful, question that helps me personally get over the hump and say ‘Yes’ to a new adventure.

Helen Keller once said ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all’.  I am very excited about my new adventure and will provide periodic updates.  Of course, I will also continue in my full time franchise coaching role because I so love it!

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