Is Humility the Key?

Is Humility the Key?

A recent experience with a franchise candidate got me thinking about what characteristics are required to be a great franchisee. It is obvious that some people are cut out for entrepreneurship and franchising. Others simply are not. So what is the key difference?

At first I began thinking that it is leadership, focus, persistence and hard work. These are the typical ‘A’ type personality traits that are often written about. Unfortunately, I have seen too many people with these traits struggle. So what is the magic ingredient? What is the one ‘extra’ characteristic that allows one person to succeed as a franchisee and another to struggle?

After my experiences this month, I have determined that ‘humility’ is the missing ingredient. Why humility? Humility is what allows you to recognize that you may not know it all. Humility is what you need to follow a system developed by others who have more experience than you. Humility is what you need to be part of a larger world and still thrive. Humility is what allows you to be successful … and still liked.

Without humility you are not able to recognize your weaknesses and you become closed to learning. Look at the most successful people. They are strong, focused and persistent – but they have enough humility to listen, learn and be likable.

Dedicating oneself to success begins with the humility to recognize that we do not know it all. It includes the conscientious decision to listen to those generous people who have gone before us.

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