How To Build Entrepreneurial Children

How To Build Entrepreneurial Children

Most of you know that I feel strongly about setting a positive, independent example for our children.  This month I would like to discuss why.

A little history.  Growing up I had a father who owned his own business.  At the dinner table we discussed staffing issues, on Mondays we did payroll, on Saturdays I helped at the business.  This was all I knew growing up.  It was my reality.  My father never came home and said, ‘I may be downsized’.  He never worried about what his ‘boss’ was thinking.  He never had to deal with office politics or angle for a promotion.  Of course, some years were better than others but I always knew the buck stopped with my dad.  This is my image of a ‘dad’.  Even though my father did not do this by design, his choice regarding lifestyle and actions created a very independent, confident young man.  I always knew that one day the buck would stop with me – just as it did with my dad.

A number of years ago my wife and I decided that we wanted to set the same example for our children.  We want them to grow up independent and confident.  As a result, my wife and I both have our own businesses.  Even though our children are only 6 and 8, they are already talking about what business they want to own when they grow up.  Of course, nobody really knows what the future holds for our children.  The most we can hope for is that by setting the right example, we will be able to provide a reservoir of strength that our children can tap into as adults.

Have a great October.

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