3 Things Everyone Wants

3 Things Everyone Wants

Over the past 20 years I have had the honor of working with 1000’s of people.  Some of those people ended up becoming business owners, others did not.  Regardless, everyone wants a similar basket of goods.

Time – Everyone wants control over their time.  They want to be able to travel, spend time with the children or friends and enjoy their hobbies.  Interestingly, many people are willing to give up income in order to gain control over their time.  Time is our most precious asset and being able to control how we spend our time is a primary driver for many people I work with.

Predictability – People are also looking for predictability.  Losing a job and having to sell the house, uproot the family and move to a new city, is very unsettling.  Nobody wants to be forced into this type of situation.  Knowing where you are going to be living in five years is very powerful.  It allows people to make plans with the comfort of knowing they will be able to see the plans through to fruition.

Money – Everyone is also looking for financial stability.  Job churn continues to accelerate in the United States.  According to Right Management, the average manager or higher employee only retains their job to 3.5 years.  The possibility of going from 100% income to zero income is the type of thing that keeps people up at night.  Beyond income, most people aspire to create wealth.

These are all attainable; however, the problem is that people want all three of these things immediately and without committing either time, effort or financial resources to making it happen.  Unfortunately, the world does not work this way.  If you want control, you must take responsibility for your time and actions.  If you want predictability, you must insulate yourself from other’s actions.  If you want financial stability and wealth, you need to develop and own income creating assets.

Here is your homework this holiday season.  Find a couple of people who have achieved all three of the items listed above.  Take them to lunch and ask them about their background.  How did arrive at their current position in life?  What did they have to give up to get there?  Was it a smooth ride or were there a few bumps?  What are the three most important personal characteristics needed?

As you plan for the upcoming year, take the lessons you learned and wrap them into your personal goals for 2020.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

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