Zac – Retain Job

With two years of experience as a franchisee, Zac discusses his discovery process and business success while sharing advice with those who are considering franchise ownership. With a background in finance, Zac retained his high level corporate position while building his franchised businesses.  At the time of this recording Zac had just signed leases for his second and third locations.

Moriah and Rob – Career Transition

Moriah was unhappy with corporate America.  She did not know what she wanted to do next, all she knew is that she did not want another job.  During her exploration, she discovered franchising and franchise coaching.  Due to a lack of immediate knowledge and experience, Moriah found great value in both The Educated Franchisee and the Franchise Coaching Service.  Today Moriah is both successful and happy in her new franchised business.

Aimee – Resale

This resale was one of those rare opportunities where everything lined up – under-performing business, reasonable price, great territory, strong franchisor and a great match to Aimee’s skills, goals and objectives.  With a career in project management, Aimee was very systematic in regard to her due diligence and was able to “think fast while thinking slow”.   Aimee’s systematic approach to everything she does has led to a successful takeover and, after one month in business, she is exceptionally busy.  Best Advice – “Take a vacation before starting your business.  You need to be well rested and ready for an intense ride.”

Leida and Shaka – Siblings

Shaka has a background in business and Leida is a medical professional.  Leida and Shaka started off feeling that the process was intrusive.  It was too personal and the questions were too sensitive.  The ‘Aha Moment’ was when they finally began to look at companies.  At this point the pieces began to fall together.  They began to understand the ‘Why’ of the process.  By the end of the process, they knew that they had discovered the right business and managed to move beyond their fear.

Scott – Veteran and 1st Responder

After a career in the U.S. Air Force and Dept. of Defense, Scott was looking to make a change.  Scott decided to take control and create wealth through business ownership.  Scott shares his path of discovery both in as a person and as a business owner.  Well spoken, Scott discusses the fact that the process provided a structured approach leading to an educated decision.  Decision making is always a challenge.  Scott’s advice is to avoid letting fear control your future – “make the jump and your life will be much better”

Leadership & Vision

Happy Presidents Day.  I would like to open this newsletter with some thoughts on Leadership and Vision from John Maxwell.

‘Without a challenge, many people tend to fall or fade away. Charles Noble observed, “You must have a long-range vision to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures.” Vision helps people with motivation. That can be especially important for highly talented people. They sometimes fight lack of desire…. If you can see vision for your team, then your team has a reasonably good chance at success. Vision gives team members direction and confidence, two things they cannot do without.’

As a franchise coach, one of the first things I ask a prospective franchisee is – ‘What is your Vision? Where are you going? And Why?’ Ask yourself this question. Remember, without an understanding of what you want and where you are going, it is exceptionally difficult to know if you are moving in the right direction.

You are welcome to complete our Vision Exercise, step one in The Franchisee Workbook. This is a free download.

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